Facilities in the Hospital


Central Laboratory –Department

Central laboratory blood sample collection centre & reporting is situated at west wing of Ground floor

A Block The laboratories for blood testing, Auto analysers, well equipped NABL Accredited equipments and Pathology, Microbiology & Bio-Chemistry workstations situated at the basement of A-Block

A – Block

1. Basement Floor :-

Well advanced & modernised Laboratory includes :-

  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Clinical Bio-Chemistry
  • Clinical Pathology
  • HIV/AIDS Counseling / Testing Facilities
        Blood bank :- Well equipped blood bank with blood constituents separation unit which work 24/7 including single donar platelet separation unit situated at the basement of A-block east side. The blood bank is serving not only for In-patients even for the outside the hospital Patients also.
        CSSD :- Central Sterilisation unit is situated at the basement of A-Block having well equipped Steam Autoclave units & ETO sterilisers. All modernized state of the art sterilization systems are engaged.
         Central Store:- Situated in the basement of A-Block, which caters the drugs & Consumable required for the entire hospital. The store is completely computerized till the billing of drugs & consumable to the patients.
         Laundry :- Modernised Automatic Laundry with industrial heavy washing machines and automatic Ironing unit which is situated at the basement of A-Block. The laundry has got a capacity to wash around 2000 clothes per day. There are 3 washing machines having capacity of 150kgs of clothes washing per hour.
        Manifold :- It supplies Oxygen, Nitrogen & Compressed Air to the entire hospital with modernized distribution systems with alarms for low oxygen concentration. It is situated at the Basement of A-Block
        Physiotherapy:- This department is attached to Kempegowda Institute of Physiotherapy, situated at the basement of A-Block, giving physiotherapy facilities to around 300-350 patients per day. Physiotherapy department is having facilitites like Sports Physiotherapy, Neuro Rehabilitation, Cardiac rehabilitation and General Physiotherapy.

2. Ground Floor :-

  • Reception & Patient waiting Hall – with billing counter and Administrative Office are situated at front wing of the A-Block Ground Floor. The receptionist will guide the patients & Visitors for the hospital.
  • The Billing counters are computerized works for 24/7, with hospital maintenance software to ease the patients crowd and unnecessary waiting for billing.
  • Administrative office – The Principal, Medical Superintendent & Administrative Medical Officer are available from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm in their office at front wing of Ground Floor A-block eastern side.
  • Casualty & Emergency Department :- situated at a-Block Ground floor Middle row East wing. Emergency medicine department having a triage unit with 10beds, Minor OT, Male & Female Level – 1, Level -2 & Level-3 wards
    Level-3 emergency unit having ICU with 25 beds. ICU IS WELL EQUIPPED WITH MODERNISED VENTILATORS, patient resuscitation equipments with well trained staffs.
  • Triage
  • Minor OT

  • Level I & II wards
  • levelp1

  • Level III (Emergency –ICU) : at rear East wing
  • level2p1

  • ICU (Intensive Care Unit) – Rear west wing
  • icu1

  • Radiology :- Department of Radiology is situated at A-Block, ground floor middle row towards the west wing. The department is well equipped for 300mA X-RAY, Ultrasound Scan, CT & MRI 2 tesla, Mammogram, Doppler facilities around 24/7

  • radilogy

3. First Floor :-

    ccGeneral Medicine ward :- Male / Female :-Medicine department has got 150 beds, male & female separate wards in the first floor of A-Block. Department is equipped with 10 beds Medical ICU, 10-Respiratory ICU, 10- beds Cardiac Care unit, Pulmonary department wards. Patient attenders resting lounge with capacity of 200 people situated at the first floor with Public address system to announce the condition of the patients from ICU, CCU, PICU & NICU Lounge is provided with toilet facility, seating facility & Cafeteria.

  • Respiratory Medicine ward :- Male / Female

  • rm1

  • MICU

  • micu

  • RICU

  • ricu

  • Patient waiting & dining hall

  • pw1

4. Second Floor :-

  • General Surgery ward :- Male & Female
  • Surgery department has got 150 beds, male & female separate wards in the Second floor of A-Block. Department is equipped with 15 beds Surgical ICU, 15 – Post Operative Ward & minor Operating theatre.


  • Post-operative ward

  • SICU

  • gs3

5. Third Floor :-

OBG department has got 90 beds situated at third floor of A-Block. Department is equipped with 10 bedded labor ward for safe & Hygenic delivery. Two Caesarian Section Operation Theaters with safety Anesthesia workstations with modernized equipments.
Eclampsia labor ward with 10 beds to handle the High risk pregnancy cases situated at the same floor.

  • Labour ward :- Separate OT for C-sections

  • lb

  • Post surgery care

  • ps

  • ANC / PNC wards

  • anc

  • General Obstetric wards

6. Fourth Floor :-

  • Department of Anaesthesia & Fourteen Major Operation Theatres for all Surgical departments are situated at the Fourth Floor A-Block.
    All the OTs are equipped modernized equipments, Anesthesia Workstations, Automated operating Tables, LED Operating lights , In-house drugs store, Modernised monitors etc.,

  • ff1

  • Major OT Complex :- well advanced & equipped Operation Theatres

  • ff2

  • Separate OT theatres for Ortho, Gen-Surgery, OBG, Paediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology & Super-specialities.

  • ff5

  • Post Operative observation ward

  • ff6

7. Fifth Floor :-

Pediatric Department with 90 beds Pediatric wards, Pediatric Surgery wards, 25 Bed Neonatal ICU, 10 Bed Pediatric ICU are situated at A-Block, Fifth floor.
Neonatal ICU with Pediatric ventilators, Monitors and well trained Neonatal nursing staffs well managed all pediatric & NICU departments headed by Neonatologist.

  • NICU

  • nicu

  • PICU

  • picu

  • General Paediatric wards

  • II. B- Block

    1. Ground Floor:-

    • Medicine OPD
    • Pulmonary OPD
    • Orthopedic OPD
    • Ophthalmology OPD
    • X-Ray Outpatient
    • Obstetric & Gynaecology department
    • Community Medicine / Preventive medicine department
    • INSURANCE DESK :- Cashless insurance scheme, Arogya Bhagya (Police staff), BBMP (Staff) & newly introduced Ayushman Bharath health scheme.
    • Admission & Billing counter (During Outpatient service hours)

    2. First Floor

    • Dental OPD
    • Super Speciality OPD
    • ART (Anti-Retroviral treatment) OPD
    • Peadiatric OPD – Vaccines
    • ENT OPD – Speech therapy, Audiometry
    • Dialysis care
    • Pain Management clinic
    • General Surgery – OPD

    3. Second Floor

    • Cardiology :- Heart care services like 2-D Echo, Cardiac CT , Angioplasty, Heart Surgeries, Pacemaker implantation, Antenatal Echo With Cardiac – ICU & general wards.
    • SKIN & STD
    • Executive Deluxe Special Ward (single)

    4. Third Floor

    • Psychiatry OPD & general Male – female ward
    • ENT ward
    • Special wards
    • Pharmacy Practice dept

    5. Fourth Floor

    • Orthopaedic General ward – Male & Female
    • Skin ward
    • Semi-Special wards

    6. Fifth Floor

    • Seminar Halls
    • Centralised Library
    • Auditorium
    • Class rooms

    Other Facilities

      • Day care
      • 24 hrs casualty & emergency
      • ICU
      • Dietician & Nutritionist
      • Blood Bank
      • Mortuary (Cold storage)
      • Out patient & In-patients services
      • Radiology
      • Laboratory
      • Preventive health check-ups
      • ART Centre
      • TB centre
      • 24/7 Pharmacy
      • Canteen
      • Ambulance
      • Vehicle Parking